Mariana Schulze began her eclectic photography career studying Art Direction

in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She quickly absorbed the underlying organic patterns

of creativity and developed an eye for beauty. Mariana further advanced her career

working closely with professional photographers in the advertising and fashion industry worldwide. 

She worked with film and then became a pioneer in high-end digital photography before

most people recognized its potential as a powerful medium.

After settling in Ojai, the past 15 years of Mariana's work has become iconic within

the spirited bohemian California lifestyle. Hunting for momentary glimpses of light meeting

the imperfections of beauty in and around her subjects,  she waits in the shadows,

ever stalking the ephemeral sunlight as it dances across the surface of an intangible reality

everyone feels but can’t articulate.  A window into a world we all know, but don't quite remember.


"Let me take the real, the raw human experience and reflect it as the sacred gem that it truly is.
To have a session with me is to be seen in total authenticity.
It is not a script, not a show, it is a relaxed unfolding into what is becoming."

-Mariana Schulze