Renowned for her iconic, spirited style, photographer Mariana Schulze’s Molecular Biology and Art Direction studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina gave her a unique understanding of color,  line and mysterious underlying organic patterns of creativity. Coupled with her eye for beauty and her ability to tell visual stories, Mariana is in-demand in both the advertising and fashion industries worldwide.

Mariana’s passion for innovation has kept her ahead of the curve. One of the first photographers to embrace high-end digital photography, she recognized its potential as a powerful creative tool long before most people in her field.

“Let me take the real, the raw human experience and reflect it as the sacred gem that it truly is. To have a session with me is to be seen in total authenticity. 

It is not a script, not a show, it is a relaxed unfolding into what is becoming. A window into a world we all know, but don’t quite remember.”

Lured by the bohemian SoCal lifestyle, Mariana has made her home in Ojai, California since 2003. Her work has become synonymous  with the laid back sensuality and authenticity for which the west coast is famous. She’s skilled at capturing her subjects’ inner truth, revealing them in an intimate, unforgettable light. Mariana shoots for magazines, advertising campaigns, and she also provides a fresh take on web content for cutting edge companies.